Theresa Otto lives west of Bishop, CA under the inspiring view of the Eastern Sierra. A native to the area, Theresa grew up hiking and skiing the mountains as she cultured her appreciation of the area. After leaving the Sierra to attend college Theresa received a nursing degree and studied ceramics as well, which continued to be her favorite hobby. After returning to the Sierra with her family, Theresa pursued her interest in ceramics and conceived the Sierra Scenes series of pottery in 1999.

"I feel magnificently blessed to live and enjoy the breathtaking beauties of the Eastern Sierra. My goal is to share my appreciation and interpretation of these offerings, and can think of no way as fun as molding form and design from the raw tactile element of clay."

Sierra Mountains in Spring

Lupine Wildflower
Bristlecone Pine Snowy Sierra Mountains

Minaret Vista

These Mountains are part of the Eastern Sierra viewed from Mammoth Mt. At Mammoth Lakes, CA. Along with the breathtaking view, these mountains are enjoyed for climbing/hiking, and include a point where the John Muir Trail merges with the Pacific Coast Trail.

N. Owens Valley Sierra

West of the city of Bishop, CA can be found this beautiful view of the Eastern Sierra, where the artist lives. People are drawn to this beautiful area for its excellent bouldering/rock climbing, hiking and fishing, and return for the wondrous view of these mountains as well as the native flora and fauna.


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